SDot, LLC 
Real Estate and Property Management Business
About Us

Simply put, we look to bridge resources through mentoring, recruiting and consulting with the veteran and business community. We are all part of a larger puzzle and working together is the key. Value sets are important and an important component to everything we do. 

As a leading provider of recruiting results, marketing strategies and mentoring sessions, we take pride in offering the best marketing strategies so you don't have too. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. I started this business because of my passion to help people succeed while sticking to their core strengths. We provide effective small business marketing plans and resources for leader development training and employee training modules designed to increase positive environments producing results. My mission is to help your business focus on providing great customer service while allowing my company to increase your exposure and drive more traffic to your bottom line. We are in this together and will succeed together!


Strengthen our communities by shifting our mindset and thinking differently for different times. We will change the current situation by helping people create their own economy through wealth building strategies, Life Skillsets to produce results, establishing SMART Goals and Military Service! Everyone must understand their own true potential! We look to stimulate the economy by empowering people to reach high on their goals and create successful roadmaps of success.


We will Mentor - Recruit - Consult in our communities. We will provide the right services to the right situation to determine the right results. 



Thinking Big!